Dance Fremont! 2014-15 youth dance classes


Dance Fremont! has three stages in its Youth Program:

The Primary Program consists of Creative Dance and Preparatory I classes that begin exploring the dance concepts in a fun and engaging way, stimulating children’s spontaneity and self-expression to the beginning stages of basic ballet and modern dance technique increasing levels of concentration, group work and cognitive development.


The Preparatory Program consists of Preparatory II, Ballet IA & 1B and Modern I where students have the option to study two classes per week, continue to expand their dance vocabulary and strengthen their awareness of movement within the ballet and modern dance techniques. Students in this program may participate in the Rite of Spring* and The Steadfast Tin Soldier* if they are able to meet the mandatory rehearsal requirements. 

*If interested, please inquire about requirements.


The Proficiency Program begins at Ballet II & Modern II where students are required to study a minimum** of two classes to multiple classes per week, striving to hone their dance skills. Students wishing to study en pointe must take at least three ballet classes per week. Students interested in Fremont Danceworks must be enrolled in Ballet VI and Modern VI for school year 2013-14 (no exceptions) and may audition for entrance into this company (accompanying letter attached if appropriate). A contract of agreement is then signed for a full school year commitment to mandatory weekly classes and rehearsals.

**one ballet and one modern dance class is acceptable in Levels II-III.



Times: Wednesday 4:00-4:45PM, Saturday 9:00-9:45AM and Saturday 9:45-10:30AM
Attire: Ladies wear a Cotton PINK Motionwear™ #2100 Tank or #2105 Cap Sleeve short sleeve leotard and footless pink tights. (No skirts or tutus, please) Gentlemen wear footless black leggings with briefs.

Creative dance stimulates children’s spontaneity and self-expression.  In a nurturing and playful atmosphere, children discover the joy of dance through the exploration of space, time and energy.  A variety of music and props are used to enhance the learning experience.

preparatory I (AGE 5-6YRS)

Times: Thursday 4:00-5:00PM and/or Saturday 9:00-10:00AM
Attire: Ladies wear a Cotton WHITE Motionwear™ #2100 Tank or #2105 Cap Sleeve leotard and footless pink tights. (No skirts or tutus, please) Gentlemen wear footless black leggings with briefs.

Children continue to develop the dance concepts acquired in creative movement and begin to apply the preparatory stage of basic ballet and modern dance technique.



Students in the Preparatory Program have the option to study one to three classes per week

*preparatory II (7YRS)

Times: Tuesday 4:00-5:00PM and/or Saturday 10:30-11:30AM
Attire: See Youth Dance Attire Page

Children continue to develop the introductory concepts of ballet and modern dance technique.  Increased levels of concentration, introductory composition, group work and cognitive development are emphasized.


Times: Monday IB (Returning & older students) 4:00-5:00PM and/or Saturday IA (New & Ballet IB students) 11:30-12:30PM
Attire: See Youth Dance Attire Page

Students continue to develop the basic ballet concepts and vocabulary, spending time at the barre and learning to build sequences of movement. Repetitions of the exercises help build muscle memory and refine the lines of the body. Studying modern dance technique to add layers to the quality of movement is strongly encouraged.


Time: Monday 5:00-6:00PM
Attire: See Youth Dance Attire Page

Students continue to develop the basic modern dance concepts, focusing on the use of body weight in movement, lowering into and pushing out from the floor, and building longer phrases of movement together. Studying ballet technique to be aware of lengthening lines through one’s body is strongly encouraged.


Students in the Proficiency Program must study a minimum of two classes per week


Time: See School Year Schedule
Attire: See Youth Dance Attire Page

Elements introduced in ballet include correct body alignment, initiation of movement from the core, turnout, balance, musicality and coordination.  More emphasis is placed on building stamina, carriage and quality of movement by using longer and more complex dance combinations. In order to prepare a student for pointe work, at least three ballet technique classes per week are required. Students may study the basic principles of pointe work with the recommendation of the instructor.


Time: See School Year Schedule
Attire: See Youth Dance Attire Page

Continuing the exploration of the dance concepts introduced in preparatory study, longer movement phrases are given along with improvisation and choreography skills. These classes develop from floor barre sequences to dynamic phrases that expand the students′ core strength, agility and the ability to move three dimensionally through space with emotional and textural nuance.

*Advancement is by instructor recommendation.


Directed by Mary Reardon and Vivian Little, this dance company for serious students who make dance their primary focus was created as a means for young dancers to gain performing experience and to find their way into any professional dance community. These students are required to study a designated amount of ballet and modern dance classes and must be capable of managing their academic load with these weekly class/rehearsal schedules. Established and emerging choreographers create works on the company, challenging the dancers to learn new movement. Auditioning and signing an agreement to participate in this program is mandatory. Contact Dance Fremont! for more details about this program. A Spring Dance Concert is scheduled for each year (see School Year Events).


Each winter Dance Fremont! will present performances of Hans Christian Andersen′s tale of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Participants must be second year students of Dance Fremont! and 7 years of age. Students older than 7 years must be enrolled in a ballet class. Mandatory Saturday afternoon (and an occasional Sunday) rehearsals from late Sept. until the performance date ensure that class time is not taken away from students (not all characters will rehearse every Sat.). A performance fee is required from each participant. There are no excused absences for rehearsals or performances during the week in the theater (see School Year Events). A rehearsal schedule will be provided. This is a wonderful performing and learning opportunity for the students.

Rite of Spring

This annual school recital is a celebration of all our students′ accomplishments in the classroom. Students may participate in the performance with regular class and dress rehearsal attendance. The dress rehearsal is mandatory! A student may opt not to perform in the performance but still participate in class and the preparation process. Students will be responsible for their tights, leotards and shoes. Dance Fremont! loans costumes to each performer that should be returned in class the following week. A performance fee is required from each participant and all tuition payments must be paid prior to distribution of costumes.


Dance Fremont Teens dance program


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